The DIS PATER realm introduces its first sci-fan comic: DREAMSTATE.

DREAMSTATE is the alternate reality in where all your possibilities come to fruition or come back to haunt you. It is a world ruled by a family of five siblings, The Eternals: Insomnia, Nightmare, Lullaby, Slumber and The Dream. They are personifications of the human sleep experience and rule the DREAMSTATE through magic and technology. The land is a dark shredded landscape that is ruled by the eldest Eternal, Insomnia, who reigns through her power, fear and jealousy. She upholds an ancient ritual where she executes her brother as a symbol of the human race losing sight of their ambitions and are destined to mediocrity: The Death of The Dream. But The Dream is a symbol of hope for all and a new host is selected from the human race to become the new Dream to change everyone’s future. The Dream learns to adapt in a dark decadence and will try to build bonds with its other siblings to uncover the truth behind this world and its rituals, while simultaneously entering into a battle it didn’t know existed. Join the story of a world that is filled with deceit, fear, misunderstandings, sibling rivalry, acceptance and the hope for a new world.

Enter the DREAMSTATE and chose your side of a battle that goes beyond good and evil.

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